Real. Honest. Unique.

FILODEE is a luxury brand that focuses not only on design, craftsmanship and quality, but above all onpeople's needs. The founding duo's vision is to create handbags that give the wearer a sense offreedom and self-determination. To create this smart kind of luxury, the creative collective blends years of retail and design knowledge, seamlessly incorporating daily retail experience and customer feedback, as well as relentless testing of all prototypes into the design process.

With headquarters in Austria and a design studio and production facility in Italy, the duo works with a family-run manufacturer to carefully create products with soul. In doing so, the founders challenge the concept of luxury – to make it smart, not redundant. After all, beauty alone is not enough. The combination of minimalist shapes with unexpected details, premium Italian leather, honest craftsmanship and the ease of opening and closing a bag with just one hand is the foundation on which all FILODEE bags are built.

From the adjustable strap to the signature 24-carat gold-plated hardware, every component is designed to be aesthetically refined and intuitively functional. Seasonless colors and the nearly invisible logo also provide a subtle elegance that enhances the style of creatives and pragmatists alike. The result is high-quality bags with a distinctive aesthetic that make everyday life easier and provide a lifetime of pleasure.